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Declaration on Personal Information Protection

for data processing manager Private Dental Medicine Studio Luka Masnić, Antuna Šoljana 37, Zagreb, OIB: 43961458449 (in the further text: processing manager)

1. General information

This declaration on personal information protection for Private Dental Medicine Studio Luka Masnić, Antuna Šoljana 37, Zagreb, OIB: 43961458449, shall be applied starting May 25th, 2018. When using our products and services you provide us with your personal data. This Declaration shall describe the type of data we collect,  how they are being processed, and what purposes we shall use them for, as well as your rights when it comes to collecting and processing your personal data.

a) Person responsible for personal data processing is:

Ivana Bandalo Masnić Tel. +385(0)1 77 99 081

Fax:+385(0)1 77 99 081

Commissioner for data protection is available at:

Contact form: http://www.dentalmasnic.com

E-mail: osobnipodaci@dentalmasnic.com

b) If we use other providers for your personal data processing in our business management, we are still responsible for their protection.

2.  Type of personal data

We collect and process following data:
a) your basic personal data: first name, last name,address, personal identification number (OIB),
cell phone number and other contact information (e-mail, telephone number), information about the type of contract and its content.
b) Other personal information that are indispensable for the contract execution or performance of obligation established by law that requires identity card information, bank account, signature power, representation authority.

3. Storage period

a) Your basic personal data will be erased with the termination of the contract, that is after the fulfillment of all legal obligations related with the storage period.

Please, be aware that we do not erase your personal data in the following cases

  • if the forced payment process is active
  • if the complaint regarding our product or service is made, the data will be stored until the conclusion of the process in accordance with the legal regulations

b) Your other personal data will be erased with the termination of the contract, or in accordance with legal obligations about storage period. This does not apply in the case forced payment process is activated or if the complaint regarding our products and services is lodged in accordance with the complaint period. The data will be erased with the completion of the previously mentioned processes in accordance with legal regulations.

4.  Methods and purposes of personal data processing

All types of your personal information shall be processed in accordance with our legal interests and with your approval for the following purposes:

a) contract performance and compliance with legal obligations

b) abuse revelation

c) for checking credit rating and collection of claims

Processing the data mentioned in this Declaration is necessary for signing a contract with us, i,e, fulfillment of the signed contract. If you do not deliver us your personal data we will be not able to sign or fulfill a contract with you.

5.  Personal Data Forwarding

Your personal data from the Article 2 of this Declaration (in accordance with our legal interests and your approval as stated in the Declaration) can be forwarded to our partners in order to fulfill contract obligations. Mentioned partners can process these data only in accordance with the Declaration.

6.  Cajolement management

a) You can withdraw cajolement for being contacted at any moment. Also, at any time you can object to how your data are being processed. You can activate the withdrawal of your cajolement in accordance with Article 7 of this Declaration, by using web form, or contacting us at:


Tel: +385(0)1 77 99 081

or by visiting us in person.

b) You can give us your consent even after the withdrawal

c) the consent you gave or withdrew applies to all the products and services from your contract

7.  User rights

    1. a) Correction rights:

    If we process your data that are incomplete or wrong, you can ask us to correct  or complete them.

    1. b) Right to erasure

    You can request erasure of your personal data in case they have been unlawfully processed or if their procession is not in accordance with your protected interests. Please, take into consideration that in some cases it is not possible to erase them immediately, for example in case of  archiving purposes.

    1. c) Right to restrict processing

    You have the right to request the restriction or suppression of your personal data.

    • If you prove that your data have been incorrect in a period required to verify them
    • If the procession has been unlawful, but instead of erasure you require limited use of your data
    • If the data are no longer necessary for previously established purposes, but you still need them in order to realize a legal requirement
    • if you made a request for a restriction of distribution of your data
    1. d) Right to object:

    If your data are being distributed in order to meet the requirements of public interest or if we process them in order to meet our legal interests, you have the right to object to such data processing in the interest of your own data protection.

    1. e) Right to lodge a complaint:

    If the data subject considers that the processing of personal data relating to him or her infringes this Declaration, we urge you to ask for further explanations. You have the right to lodge a complaint to a Croatian Supervisory authority (Agencija za zaštitu osobnih podataka) or some other supervisory authority  that will take over its jurisdiction; and since May 25th 2018  you can lodge a complaint to EU supervisory authorities.

    1. f) Exercise of rights

    If you want to exercise some of the above mentioned rights, please contact us as stated in the Article 1 of this Declaration.

    1. h) Identity confirmation:

    If you are having any doubts, you can ask for additional information in order to verify your identity. It is for protection of your own privacy and your rights.

    1. i) Abuse of rights:

    If you exercise some of the rights too often or you are abusing your rights, we can charge you the administrative fee or deny your request.

    Private Dental Medicine Studio Luka Masnić